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Welcome to MyPathway

Helping over 50,000 people manage their care.

MyPathway is a secure, digital communications channel connecting patients to clinicians, empowering and engaging patients in their own healthcare journey to provide patients with a benefit of ease. MyPathway enables a new, more personalised digital interaction between patient and clinician, increasing access to health and care services and providing greater insight at individual and population level. ​

By creating digital pathways for essential health and care services, MyPathway is a platform for NHS organisations to redefine their patient engagement approach, improve the patient experience and deliver better clinical outcomes.

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Who We Are

ADI are one of the UK’s leading digital health platform providers. We work with health and care organisations to ensure patients, and everyone involved in their care, have access to the right digital tools. We create and deploy digital applications designed to allow straightforward access to NHS, health and care services.

Our vision it is to provide all citizens with equal, immediate and lifelong access to the very best healthcare information, support and tools throughout every step of their healthcare journey.

We help put the patient at the heart of their health and care. By improving access, we allow them to become more engaged and actively involved in their care. Our innovative, technology-enabled services provide enriched patient data which enhances clinical outcomes and decision making.

What is MyPathway?

Market-leading healthcare communication software for a 21st century Health Service

A secure, digital communications channel connecting patients to services.

Provides patient and services with the clarity, control and choice that we now take for granted in almost every other service.

MyPathway is browser and app-based, making it extremely user-friendly for both the patient and their clinician.

MyPathway is a secure UK-hosted, cloud-based platform: personal data is only accessible by those explicitly granted rights by the patient.

MyPathway is hosted in an ISO27001-accredited data centre and has an approved Logical Connection Architecture enabling connectivity to NHS systems.

A trusted link is made between a patient’s record in NHS systems and the patient’s PHR, using the NHS Number. The PHR’s architecture allows a wide range of media types to be stored and catalogued; such as images, videos and questionnaires.