Cardiovascular and Respiratory

Telemonitoring within Cardiovascular and Respiratory service

Within the Cardiology and respiratory service, clinicians need to capture simple physiological metrics and qualitative data from across the wider patient populations. Initial physiological parameters of interest include blood pressure, heart rate, weight, and blood oxygen levels. MyPathway Telemonitoring can remotely monitor these key physiological parameters from patients to help assess risk and priorities for intervention. MyPathway ensures a coherent approach across multiple departments and deliver results reliably and efficiently.

Patients interact with the app by answering questionnaires, track their goals such as their step count and input their data such as blood pressure, weight, Oxygen (SpOS) and heart rate. This enables clinicians to monitor their patients remotely and with real time data, facilitating a more accurate patient review and can offer remote assistance to patients to problem-solve and adhere to therapeutic treatments.  Patients also have access to personalised resources which provides support and useful information.