Long-term, persistent pain among employees is a significant factor impacting the health and performance of businesses and organisations in Northern Ireland. Between 35% and 50% of adults report experiencing persistent pain, leading to under-performance, and often time off sick, though generally this group will stay at work as long as they possibly can, long after giving up social and recreational activity.

How can employers help? Well, the NI Public Health Authority is funding development of a prototype digital platform that will help organisations better assess and support employees with persistent pain, before it becomes an insuperable problem. This platform provides apps and resources to employees, as well as administrative tools for employers. It is secure, confidential, and safe, having been guided by  GPs, clinicians and health psychologists specialising in chronic pain.

We are looking for organisations who are concerned about the impact of persistent pain on their workforce, and who might be interested in trialling this platform, as part of a nationwide programme of increasing awareness of chronic pain and how it can be managed by employers and employees alike. Involvement is free of charge, and without obligation.

If you are interested in trialling the platform, please email info@adi-uk.com and we will send you some further information.