Pain Management

Pain is highly subjective, it can range from frustrating to debilitating, it can be consistent, or it can start and stop frequently. The impact that pain can have on a patients life is devastating, however in most cases it is long-term or permanent. Therefore focusing on how patients can self-manage their pain and drive towards the goal of increased patient self-efficacy is crucial.

Persistent Pain

MyPathway Persistent Pain supports self-management and allows patients to prioritise their own health needs by co-designing a self-management programme that suits them. For many persistent pain patients, pain is more or less a constant feature of their lives and has a profound bearing on their quality of life. For persistent pain patients it is the management of their condition that is crucial, with the right treatment and support patients living with persistent pain can minimise their suffering for as much time as possible.

Once registered, patients are required to complete a number of questionnaires to assess their pain experience, physical activities, sleep, mood, energy, work etc. and they are also assessed on their confidence to deal with pain. Patients can personally plan their pain management goals, they can select exercises and have access to informative resources.

MyPathway Persistent Pain enables patients to identify their health needs due to pain and encourages patient engagement in self management. Clinicians can  identify the impact of pain on their patients physical, emotional, and social life. Clinicians can review their patients questionnaires and goals and they track their progress to assist in their patients development and experience.

Pain Toolkit

The Pain Toolkit app has been developed to provide patients with early intervention support and promote self-management of persistent pain.  Users have access to a range of proven self-management tools and can keep a diary of their pain symptoms, mood, medication, goals and confidence whilst they are waiting for their appointment. Evidence based health assessment questionnaires can be completed in the app on an ongoing basis, enabling both the patient and healthcare professional monitor progress.

The Pain Toolkit app links to a clinical portal which enables the healthcare professional to review the completed health assessments remotely, enabling a better understanding of the patient’s pain and more effective engagement and use of consultation time. Via the clinical portal, commissioning services can collect patient reported outcome measures data and evaluate service outcomes via pre and post-intervention data statistics

MyPathway Pain Toolkit will aid patients to develop skills, reduce their reliance on medication and have a plan to assist them in managing their persistent pain leading to better health outcomes.

Living with Persistent Pain Trial

Health and Social Care Northern Ireland is researching new technologies to help improve the understanding of pain and its management among people living in Northern Ireland. If you suffer with pain, join us in improving the lives of those living with chronic pain, get involved by registering to become a trialist for the MyPathway app!

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