MyPathway is a secure, digital communications channel connecting patients to services, providing them with clarity, control and choice. MyPathway is browser and app-based, making it user-friendly for both the patient and the clinician.

MyPathway is currently being used to support and monitor patients in musculoskeletal care pathways, chronic pain and young peoples’ mental health services.

MyPathway is helping shape the future of digital health.


Developed to promote the self-management of persistent pain. It includes a range of features such as tension alerts, relaxation resources, medication tracking and the use of games to support engagement, goal-setting and adherence.

For more information, visit www.pain-sense.co.uk



StepUp! is a new digital service co-produced with young people and clinicians. It allows young people, supported by professionals and parents to assess their needs, set goals, develop plans and strategies to self-help and measure how their mental health is changing.

The service is designed to integrate with CAMHS pathways and enables improvements identified in local transformation plans to be achieved. Sharing of personal data is controlled and consented by the young person and/or family under the supervision of healthcare professionals. StepUp! uses tested and approved digital services to offer support for key challenges facing young people, including eating disorders, and provides toolkits for parents, carers and teachers.



LMSU! supports the transition of young people with disabilities from children to adult services, as well as providing Education, Health and Care plan management and Personal Assistant training.

LMSU! empowers the young person, by putting them in control of their health, care team and their daily life, by easily storing and sharing media, connecting them to their support network and letting them easily manage their goals.