Waiting List Management

MyPathway’ Waiting List Management is a digital health platform enabling two way communication between the patient and the clinician. It provides revalidation and reprioritisation of waiting lists, including discharge where appropriate, in a patient-centric way. MyPathway’ Waiting List Management service provides a simple and effective way to make immediate contact with patient cohorts across an entire Service. Waiting List Management addresses patients whose care has been delayed or interrupted due to COVID as well as the longer-term overloading of providers. MyPathway enables services to proactively engage with patients using digital channels to elicit accurate, up-to-date information from them to:

  • Enable rapid, efficient, safe decision-making about each patient
  • Support patient self-management / pre-habilitation where appropriate
  • Clean and reprioritise Patient Treatment Lists (PTL)

MyPathway Waiting List Management is a revalidation service that invites patients to register for the app and asks them to complete a condition specific questionnaire, they can provide information about their current health and opt in or out of further treatment. Reports are provided to the Service to enable them to manage their waiting list accordingly based on the patient’s responses.

Deployment of the pathway is already live in 2 trusts and they have seen a self-discharge rate of between 6-22% of the total waiting list, depending on speciality and cohorts of patients awaiting surgery being scheduled for urgent review based on worsening clinical condition. Waiting List Management has started to see an acceleration for patient care based on their self-reported increasing need. From the patients who confirmed they still required an appointment, 47% of those patients reported this because their symptoms were worsening, this allows service to prioritise patients.

MyPathway provides ongoing remote clinical management of the waiting list ensuring that patients are included in their healthcare journey and it is not a simple case of reducing numbers on a waiting list. MyPathway’ Waiting List Management can be up and working within days and can work on a standalone basis. We can also offer IT or administrative support where needed to enable rapid, timely deployment of a working service on top of ‘Business as Usual’ operations, to minimise the support required from existing hospital staff.

Patient-initiated follow-up

In order to provide ongoing care, follow-up appointments are often a necessity for people with long term conditions or post-surgery patients. However, for some patients, routine follow-up appointments are not required. MyPathway’s PIFU (Patient-initiated follow up) Service helps avoid unnecessary routine appointments and gives patients and their carers the opportunity to initiate their own appointments as and when they need them. This service helps patients move from a passive role in their healthcare to an active role, enabling shared decision making and self-management, which is in line with the NHS personalised care agenda.

As well as enhancing patients’ access and experience, MyPathway PIFU Service helps to reduce waiting lists by reducing unnecessary demand for follow up appointments. Used alongside waiting list management, PIFU will be an important tool for services during the COVID-19 recovery.

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